Image Concept

You want your professionals to have an expert status and resonate with the client on a personal level.
We will be discussing which visuals will support your marketing objectives most effectively.
With our overview of what 1.000 other companies have done so far, you're not copying their shortfalls.

We're working with highly qualified photographers and retouching specialists to ensure fast and global coverage at the highest imaging standard.

Overview Corporate Headshots - Lawyer Portraits

Market Overview

Image Conception - Corporate Headshots

Image Conception

Systematic Expert Visualization

We position ourselves as a supporting partner for marketing experts in large law and consulting firms.
You want the clients to recognize your pool of talent, which all serve the purpose of enabling the client's business objectives.
Visualizing these attributes with every image of your professionals is our core business.
This gives your marketing strategy a tailwind that traditional in-house productions can't deliver.


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Resonating Concept

Resonating with clients on a personal basis is regarded as the holy grail of marketing.
You will have a selection of expressions of each professional.

This way, your professionals resonate with the client while others don't match their subliminal expectations.

Example - Choosing the right expression

  • Pitch Deck
  • Approachable
  • Professional

Truly Global Approach

Seamlessly working together is a marketing statement, which many global firms claim since large clients demand a global business enabler.
We move you ahead of the competition by seamlessly presenting your professionals from all countries.
Where others only make strong claims, you deliver with matching visuals.

Unmatched Color Matching


matched Color Matching


Integral Marketing Support

The client's perception of your professionals as their desired service providers is largely influenced by the image they have of them.
It's our objective to help your professionals to put their best foot forward when they can't physically introduce themselves. Additionally, this way, they represent the brand in the best possible way.
Strong visuals are remembered.